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The organ music of French composer Jehan Alain (1911-1940) counts amongst the most beloved and most played works of the 20st century repertoire worldwide. An important treasure of chamber music, piano music and vocal compositions remains to be discovered by the public, as well as many wonderful drawings and texts.
The Jehan Alain society owns the important house organ of the family, built from 1910 to 1971 by Jehan's father, Albert Alain. This magnificent instrument has been carefully restored and can be played, heard and visited by the public in the magnificent surroundings of the former Clunysian monastery of RomainmĂ´tier (Switzerland). We also keep a large harmonium, which belonged to the family before the organ was built.
The duty of our society is to make these instruments accessible to the public. We organize courses, concerts and seminars, and we also keep documents and memorabilia given to the society by the close relatives of Jehan Alain. Our website is open to everybody and the organ manuscripts of the composer can be seen and studied

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Important informations: users of our manuscript library and interpretation course

Users of the manuscript library : Since the system has to download the entire library, the process...

The TagIiavini house organ
The TagIiavini house organ

This beautiful instrument has been given by testament to the Alain society. It is now being...

Jacques Delamare

The husband of Lise Delamare Alain, daughter of Jehan, passed away this January 2018. He was a kind...





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