Report for 2020/21 (abstract)

The Committe has done much work: reorganization of the archives, study of the water and fire protection, and agreements with various partners about the organs for the unlikely case the Society couldn't continue its work. 

Alain organ
The instrument has received over this year about 500 visitors from all over the world : private visitors, groups, school classes and conservatory students. 
Normally, visitors are hosted by Michel Jordan, Organist of the Abbey church of Romainmôtier, or by Guy Bovet.

Regular concerts with free entrance, of about 30 minutes duration are given during the touristic season on Sundays at 4 pm, before the 5 pm concert in the Abbey church. This year, all concerts can take place.
Special concerts may be organized on request all over the year. The organists can be provided by the Association, or proposed by the guests.

General assembly
The next general assembly will be for 2021/20228 and has been scheduled, with the traditional benefit concert in the Abbey church, for June 18 and 19, 2022. 

Interpretation course
The interpretation course will take place in a somehow lighter version. Please consult the corresponding pages.
Mrs Rösli Gaudard and Mrs Hélène Baudat have managed the course with great competence during five years and asked to be relieved from their office. The new secretary is Ms Valérie Borloz, in cooperation with the Concerts de Romainmôtier. There will be no changes for information and registration.  

Financial situation on June 1, 2021

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