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Improvisation course for free access

Improvising with Jehan Alain

In a letter of February 14, 1940, Jehan Alain mentions “a small improvisation method on piano and organ”, which he is about to complete for his friend Lola Bluhm.

This work has never been found so far. I have invented it to give the reader an access to improvising in the perspective of Jehan Alain’s music.

This paedagogical way could still be enriched by others. Le Jardin suspendu is the pattern for the first lesson, and the second is inspired by the oriental sources in Alain’s compositions. A third lesson is now being prepared.

This work is dedicated to Aurélie Decourt as a tribute of admiration for her publications about her uncle and his family.


Improviser avec Jehan Alain (I), introduction + 7 épisodes.

Improviser avec Jehan Alain (II), teaser + 8 épisodes.