Abstract from Reports for 2020/2021

In spite of the sanitary situation, several important things could be taken care of. The organ room has been completely re-organized, the archives carefully put in order and classified. The project for protecting the organ from fire or water is ready to be installed: we have received permission from the Historical Monuments and the owner of the building. Agreements with various partners in order to protect the instrument in the unlikely case of disappearance of the AJA. The project of re-publishing of the Jehan Alain book by Aurélie Decourt is under examination by the French magazine with whom we plan to publish the book.

Alain organ

After the sanitary crisis, we have returned to our average number of about 1000 visitors per year. Michel Jordan takes care of most of them very gracefully.

Interpretation course

The 2020 course had unfortunately to be cancelled. The 2021 course, instead, could be organized with success. Our new secretary, Ms Valérie Borloz, has taken over from Ms Hélène Baudat and Ms Rösli Gaudard. The Concerts de Romainmôtier and the parish have granted us a substantial help, making up for the (hopefully exceptional) disappearance of some important sponsors.

Financial situation

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