Abstract from Reports for 2021/2022

Because of repeated delays on the side of the Historical Monuments authority, the physical building of the protection of the Alain organ has still not started. The Romainmôtier foundation supports us strongly and we have been promised a final answer for January 2023.

We are in close cooperation with the French magazine Orgues nouvelles for the new publication of Aurélie Decourt’s book with Jehan Alain’s letters and drawings. We expect the release for June 2023.

Both projects are generously supported by our honorary member, Prof. Hartmut Raguse, and we are immensely grateful for this help.

The interpretation course 2022 has taken place with success in a somehow reduced form. To our great satisfaction and thankfulness, the Concerts of Romainmôtier have taken over the organisation and the financing of the Course. The artistic direction remains in our hands.

In order to protect the future of our two organs (Alain and Tagliavini), in the unlikely case of disappearance of the AJA, and after the withdrawal of the Swiss Organ Museum and the French Swiss Organist’s Society, we could sign agreements with the Concerts of Romainmôtier and with the local Parish.

Financial situation on May 31, 2022 (CHF):

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