Abstract from Reports for 2022/2023

This year has been very intense: two big projects could be realized.
We have finally been able to carry out the protection of our instruments against fire, water and wind, New windows could be installed and the water evacuation is ready and will be installed this fall (2023).

We have also been able to publish the beautiful book by Aurélie Decourt on Jehan Alain, on time ! The book is now on sale at our secretariat.

An unforeseen surprise happened : thanks to Aurélie, we have received a magnificent harmonium by Mustel, with built-in celesta, which has belonged to Albert, then Marie-Claire Alain, and finally her daughter Aurélie. Jean-François Staehli drove to Paris to load the instrument and bring it back to Romainmôtier.

The instrument will immediately be put on work: there will be concerts and a course next summer.

The small committee has had two sessions, and the members are or will be very helpful for the management of our association.

We have been able to stay above water with our finances: we made a profit of 104,90 francs ! The capital of our society is now 23’130.42 francs. More details in the French part, and the secretariate is always ready to give you all the details.