7 November 2022

The work for protection of the organ

The work for protection of the organ against water and fire is still in progress. The authority for historical monuments has lost us more than one year with various vetos and discussions. In a meeting in October 2022 they have finally promised a solution for January 2023. We are working together with the French organ journal « Orgues nouvelles » for a new publication of Aurélie Decourt’s big book with Jehan Alain’s letters and drawings and hope to have it ready for June 2023.
23 December 2021

Lise Alain Delamare has left us

With great sorrow, we have to announce the sudden death, on December 7, 2021 at age 85, of Lise Alain Delamare, first daughter of Jehan Alain. She was a wonderful, elegant person and everybody loved her deeply. We will come back later on these sad news, which we share with her family.
9 September 2021

General assembly 2022 of the Alain society

The general assembly of our Society has been held on Sunday, June 13, 2021.  The 2022 meeting has been set on Saturday, June 18, with a member's concert on the Jehan Alain organ. A benefit concert for our Society will be organized by the Concerts de Romainmôtier the next day, Sunday, June 19 and will be given by Vincent Thévenaz, organist of the St Pierre cathedral of Geneva. Vincent will present the Alain organ at 4 pm and the concert in the Abbey Church will be at 5 pm.
9 September 2021

Interpretation course 2022

The interpretation course will take place in three parts:Course for non-professional organists (July 13 to 15, Michel Jordan und Guy Bovet)Improvisation course (July 17 to 23, Tobias Willi und Emmanuel Le Divellec)Interpretation course (July 24 to 30, Pier Damiano Peretti and Louis Robilliard) See details on the corresponding page of this website.
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